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3 Easy Tips to make an Impressive Resume for CNA

If you have applied for your job as a certified nursing assistant and haven’t got any calls yet, that is because your resume did not stand out from the crowd to be noticed. Even after applying both online and in person your resume is not getting the required attention. May …

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Perineal Care

cna nurse hand washing

Like all the other responsibilities of a CNA, giving perineal care to a patient on daily basis is also a prior responsibility. Giving perineal care to the patients who uses bedpan or becomes incontinent is very essential. When a patient urinates or uses bedpan, it is necessary for a nurse …

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3 Simple Steps to Become a CNA

Certified Nursing Assistant

CNA in particular stands for “certified nursing assistant”.  A Certified Nursing Assistant is a degree for medical nurses to give them validation to professionally handle their patients. They work under the supervision of Registered Nurse (RN) that basically tell them which patient to attend, what duties to perform and until …

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