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What is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

A CNA or a Certified Nursing Assistant job is to look after those patients which require healthcare in the hospital. A CNA is also called a Nursing Assistant or sometimes as a Patient Care Assistant as well. The skills of CNA determine how much great care is provided to any patient.

Most of the times, aspiring nurses also work as a CNAs for beforehand knowledge and experience available to them once they graduate from college as nurses.

If you want to know what exactly is a CNA and how one can become a certified nurse, we have got all the required information sorted out for you.

Certified Nursing Assistant

CNA Job Description

When it comes to the job description of a CNA nurse, then there is no set explanation to that. A CNA’s job responsibilities depend upon the workplace and the nature of the diseases in the patients she is dealing with.

A CNA nurse can work in a hospital, a hospice, an adult day care center as well as in a home. CNAs are also responsible for providing assisted medical care to the patients. A CNA also needs to provide all the necessary information to the nurse as a CNA has to work more closely with the patients.

Here is a quick but concise overlook of a CNA job description. A CNA has to:

  • Look after the outdoor as well as the other patients.
  • Assist in taking care of the patients.
  • CNA nurse Has to work with concern.
  • Has to make sure that the patients feel comfortable with them
  • Has to relay all the required information to the nurse.
  • Should not feel overwhelmed by the work load.

These vital skills of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can prove to be extremely beneficial for the patients. The patients feel satisfied that they are being well taken care of also.

How to Become CNA Certified Nurse

Becoming a CNA nurse has got certain requirements.While there are many free CNA training programs available online and otherwise, you do need to meet a certain criteria to become a CNA nurse.

  • You should have a high school diploma to be eligible for working as a CNA.
  • If you do not have a high school diploma, you should at least possess a GED to become eligible.
  • If you have got any type of a post secondary nursing instruction, then in some cases you can go for certification as a CNA nurse as well.
  • You can get a GED from online schools and community colleges as well.


nursing assistantOnce you have got your high school diploma or GED, you can apply for a certification to become a CNA. There are many institutes which offer online CNA training and certification programs. These programs are especially beneficial if you are already in college working on your way to become a nurse. But need to have some prior hands on experience as well. If you do not want to undergo CNA certificate online programs, then you can enroll yourself in a community college for acquiring your certification.Remember that a CNA nurse has got a lot of responsibilities. So you should know how to fulfill them with responsibility.
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