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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

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A certified nursing assistant is a degree for nurses to provide them with authentication to professionally handle their clients. A CNA nurse carries out the health care supervision according to the needs and wants of the patient. It is done under the control of a Registered Nurse (RN). A Nursing Assistant is basically a caretaker of the patient who should have proper work ethics and ability to do so as their job responsibilities differ from place to place. CNA nurse works in different categories and varieties like in day care centers, hospitals even personal homes where they act as a reliable assistant nurse for the Registered Nurse (RN). They fulfill the basic needs of the patient in any nursing centre or clinics. They keep in record the daily vital information of the patient as they interact with the patients on daily basis and then provide a report to their supervisors. For them their ability to help people keeps them motivated at time of intense work load and when dealing with stubborn patients.

What does a CNA do?

If we talk about the main duties of the Nursing Assistant; they include

  1. Recording Information: A certified nursing assistant keeps an eye on even the smallest and critical gestures and signs of the patient test their temperature and provide blood test to file a detailed report about the patient so that when a doctor treats the patient he comes right to the main point.
  2. Filing report:The maintenance of the information is also very important for the assistant to provide it to the concerning doctor to act upon the direct solution of the problem of the patient. So a proper report is filed containing updated information about the patient.
  3. Patient care: Besides looking after a patient, a CNA nurse also may need to take care of the disabled and sedated patient in recovery. So they need to be patient and empathic at such times and keep them self motivated at all times.
  4. Availability: There comes a time when a patient needs all the help he/she can get, that requires day and night duties, and even weekends and holidays are to be sacrificed. So the assistant nurse is to unlikely work during these shifts.

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Along with these duties there are also some daily activities that CNAs performs that can be cleaning the patient’s rooms, their wounds, bathrooms, changing bandages and examine medications and treatment. It is clear that this type of job has many ups and downs. Sometimes it requires to physically performing unpleasant activities but it helps in building strong relation with the patient. In order to perform these duties CNAs should have various skills that include decision making skills, listening skills, communication skills, work ethics and the ability to maintain interpersonal relationships. A nurse with these proper skill sets of perfection and above all has a keen interest in helping other people is most likely to survive in this profession.

Path to Nursing Assistant

To become a nursing assistant there is usually no need of any typical degree, it often just needs to have an equivalent of high school, nursing diploma or GED which can be acquired through various institutions, nursing colleges etc. Then all you have to do is take a CNA training program at any care center or hospital. These training programs will help enhance your knowledge and skills needed to pass the certification exam. To have this job, students just need to pass an examination to get the certification. It will also help students to learn their roles as certified nursing assistant and advance in their career later on. These programs last from six to twelve weeks and they cost about $500-$1000 depending upon your state and type of institute.  

CNA Nursing Assistant

For training of assistant nursing the following associated degrees might come in handy.

  • Medical Assisting Certificate
  • Diploma: Medical Administrative Assistant
  • As in Medical Assisting
  • BSN

Similar Roles

CNAs have a big responsibility over them as their roles are similar to that of a medical assistant. A medical assistant is just like a CAN nurse who has more interaction with the patient. Apart from that their work includes administration, like booking appointments and gathering information. In a thorough research it was found that 85% of CNAs discuss face to face with the patient daily, 71% CNAs had close physical interaction and 51% spent time running around. According to this it can be said that this job requires CNAs to be dependable and interactive with their patient and should be able to overcome hardships daily.

Benefits and Payroll

We talked about what is CNA, what they do and other major roles that they perform. Although their job requires lot of patience and many unpleasant physical activities but they are a true motivator of overcoming such obstacles in this world like death itself. Their job looks so easy yet needs a big heart to do so. But the question is that are they paid enough as per their work load. The answer is yes; as they are paid hourly they can load up their salary by working overtime, such as the CNAs who are up for vacation patients and night duties. The basic salary varies in location but as per US bureau of Labour Statistics their annual salary is $25,090. It differs from city to city and on how much you can make as a nursing assistant.

CNA Benefits and Payroll

 Although the salary paid to CNAs is vigorous there are some benefits that come along with it; you will feel great joy in knowing that you are helping others feel better, it help in building a strong nursing career and will give you credit in becoming a registered nurse (RN). So if you are a helpful person and care for the humanity and those around you, you should probably start nursing and make yourself helpful for those in need. All you have to do is “care”.