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CNA Training

CNA Training

There are many people in this world who are, by nature, kind and helpful. These people live to serve the humanity and take care of anyone who is need of a help. Most of these people make it their profession and make it a part of their life. They are called nurses and in critical terms “certified nursing assistant”. But one should know that only the certified nursing assistant carry out the daily responsibilities and duties and has the closest interaction with the patient. They keep in check the health of the patient, observe for any health issues, clean the surrounding and help the patient in whatever they need. But to be become a nursing assistant patience is the most important key as there are many unpleasant activities involved, sometimes extra working hours.

Also this job can lead to depression so you have to have a strong heart to keep yourself motivated. This can be hard but it has great benefits that include the motivation you get when you feel peace when you help someone, take care and look out for people who are suffering. Other than that, it helps in building your career as you out all your heart in helping those in need; working day and night to keep the patient relax and healthy without any hesitation.cna training

A CNA works in different places like, rehab centers, day cares, hospitals and other nursing institutes. They focus duties of a CNA are to observe vital signs of patient, take readings of temperature, feed the patient, comfort them and help them with their concerns. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for certified nursing assistants tend to go higher than the average of any profession that is up to 21% by 2022. When there is an increase in the population of older people, the demand of CNA also increases. Under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN), a qualified CNA will always be needed and if you are skilful and care for the humanity then your services would be highly appreciated and demanded in future.cna training online

 How to become a CNA

Now if you are highly motivated and you want to become a CNA, then you all you have to do is take a CNA training program at any care center or hospital. These training programs will help enhance your knowledge and skills needed to pass the certification exam. To apply for this certification exam you don’t need to have any higher degree other than high school degree or a diploma. These programs last from six to twelve weeks and they cost about $500-$1000 depending upon your state and type of institute. There are also many financial institutions that grant free training opportunities.


CNA Training Online

If you have other burdens to bear or if you are still in school then you can go for CNA training online which will be very helpful. You can find many online courses to help you save your time but they can’t be efficient if you do not practice the work yourself because online training will only provide theory whereas nursing is all about being practical. So you have to practice the clinical work in care centers to take efficient training along with the theoretical work. Though CNA training online is cost effective and time saving but they cannot help until you practically perform those theories in real life.online cna training

Certification Exam

After you have completed your state approved training program, it is time to take the certification exam. If you pass the exam, you will then be eligible and registered as a certified nursing assistant and you would be ready for employment as a nursing assistant.

cna certification exam

This certification exam is divided into two main parts; written test and skill test. Written test mainly contain multiple choice questions about what you have learned so far and the skill test contain the practical implementation of what you have learned. You might want to bring someone along to act as a patient for your skill test as your nursing skill that how you interact with the patient and take care of the patient. This test requires two hours to complete. So if you took your training seriously and worked hard for it then you would do well. You will be informed in the next 24 hours about your result. If you pass the exam, you will be awarded the certification for nursing, but if you don’t then you need not to worry because you can re take your exam as Omnibus Budge Reconciliation Act (OBRA) allows to retake this test three times.

Jobs as a CNA

Now that you have passed you certification exam and you have been rewarded with the certificate of certified nursing assistant, you are ready to begin your job career. For this you will need a well constructed resume which will highlight you potential and experience in the nursing field. It will include you education, months of training experience and other certificates including certificate of CNA. After that you have to look for the available jobs in your state. As per the increase in demand of a CNA, there are many available vacancies that can be found in different care centers, hospitals, day cares and local state employment services. You can also find jobs through the internet, newspaper or by consulting a friend.cna jobs

When you get your first job as a CNA you will earn up to $10-$20 hourly (depends upon the state you’re living in). This CNA job will provide other benefits like building your career on a large scale. You will also learn skills based on medical terms as well as day to day life. It will teach you about team work and will provide more future opportunities to grow your career. However, there should be less focus on the money and more focus on how to help those in needs and serve humanity efficiently.