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Online CNA Classes

Certified Nursing Assistant is one the most demanded certification in the growing healthcare industry itself. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand of CNA is to increase as much as 20% by 2020. This growth average is higher than of any other profession. Knowing that, the great news is that to become a CNA you just need a high school diploma or a GED, then you simply register yourself for the certification exam and prepare yourself for it by taking training classes and finally give the certification exam.online cna classes

Online Classes

To prepare for your certification exam you need get training classes which are available both offline and online. Classes for training available at local institutes, hospitals, and nursing homes are very valuable as they provide both education and experience by practicing but online training has become popular as well. Now a day it is quite difficult to continue studies for high qualification. People are much busy in their jobs to feed their family rather than attending colleges so they search for courses online to save their time. Online classes have made it easier for those individuals who have other priorities. Keep in mind that classes online may save some of your time but you also need to practice what you learn to best prepare for your certification exam. If your want to take these online courses, make sure that the programs available are authentic and you learn from the best. You can also find various online accredited and non-accredited institutes and programs available. But first let’s talk about online classes in detail.

As told before, to get CNA certification you only need to have high school diploma, or GED. Same requirement is of applying for classes online. You just need to fulfill these requirements or in some cases you need to check whether you are eligible to apply for online classes according to their need or not.

Choosing an online course

Before choosing for any online course you should take a look at the requirements for selecting CNA classes online keeping in mind that every state has their own requirement for CNA. The time of lectures is a minimum of 100 hours up to the maximum time of 140 to complete training online. So you should really check the requirement of your state so that you don’t end up taking less or more time to finish your course. Once you have the requirements in mind you can easily select what online classes’ matches your need.

There are also many institutes and technical schools that offer online classes as well. Some of them include University of Phoenix and Walden University.cna classes online

Besides Online Classes

In online training you will mostly study the subjects all related to medical terminology such as pharmacology, anatomy and nursing aides. This CNA course would help you educate the basic principles of nursing and may as well guide you toward becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). These online courses will merely educate you with knowledge you need to attempt your first part of the certification exam. The other part of the exam is the practical one in which you have to demonstrate your knowledge and skills that you have learned. You can only survive in that part if you practice it along with training online. For that you need to look for healthcare centers like nursing home, hospitals and other institutes that provide the physical training you need.

Benefits of Online Classes

The benefits of taking online classes are that it provides great convenience to individuals that have a tough routine and students can carry out their college work and learn with ease at home. Another benefit is that it saves cost of training that you may get from different healthcare center. But then again you have to practice what you learn from these online training’s.

Free Online Classes?

There are some websites that claim to offer free classes online but they don’t actually train or prepare the students. Even if some may provide fundamental knowledge regarding nursing assistants, they don’t actually provide academic rewards. Most of these websites provide practice papers similar to that of certification exam. Study.com somewhat provides free courses that include fundamentals of nursing that will guide you towards nursing assistant and you can take quizzes and watch numerous short videos based on nursing guides.

Accredited and Non-accredited Classes

 Accredited classes are those that guarantee to meet all requirements of students to give the exam according to their state. It is important that you know your state requirement for certification exam. Apart from that, there are numerous websites and institutes that provide full or partial financial aid and you can also opt for scholarships and numerous grants according to the requirement of those who provide it. Here are some of the popular institutes and the programs they offer for preparation of certification exam.online cna classes

  • Des Moines University

    This university only provides the basic program for medical assistant that is

  • Medical Terminology

    It includes basic knowledge about medical terms like anatomy, and circulatory system. Students can receive certificate after completion of this course as well.

  • Johns Hopkins University

The programs offered by this university are:

  1. Ethical Issues in Public Health that educates the right to health care.
  2. Health Issues for Aging Population emphasizes on health care issues involving aged people.
  3. Patient Safety and Medical Errors practices the safety and precautions by nurses.
  4. Principles of Human Nutrition educates that what diet is nutritious for which kind of patients.
  • Nurse.com

This website provides initial as well as advance programs, namely:

  1. Aging Immune Systems of Adults views health risk regarding aging of immune system and its effects of adults behavior
  2. Improving Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning relates to how to make decisions using both critical and clinical reasoning.
  • University of Michigan

    Here are the programs that it offers

  1. Patient Communication Skills refers to learning how to communicate with patients that are suffering from a particular disease.
  2. Perspective in Global Health teaches about global health concepts and how different organizations promote healthcare globally.
  • University of Notre Dame

  1. Medical Ethics is the only major program provided by Notre Dame. It teaches the ethics required to serve as a nursing assistant.

When you are making the decision to choose which online program will suit you best, look for the course that will best prepare you for your certification program and that which will fulfill all your requirements. Along with that implement the skills and knowledge you learn to your daily life and practice it along by training in any healthcare center.