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Registration for CNA

Registration for CNA

registration for cna

Before we get on with how to get registered for the CNA program, we should have knowledge of what is CNA, what does a CNA do and most importantly the main duties of a CNA? Above all this arises a big question that basically what does CNA stand for. This is important because there are many phrases and words that use CNA for their recognition, but this CNA in particular stands for “certified nursing assistant” and their responsibility is to look out for their patient and help them out in their curing and recovering but all is done under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). A certified nursing assistant main or you can say formal duties are:

  • Caring for the patient as he recovers, feed them, clean their wounds, and keep patients room and surrounding clean.
  • Records all the changes appearing in patient health and inform the referring doctor or supervisor about the patients’ recent health issues.
  • Keeps updated filed information of the patient containing their previous data along with the recent one. This helps the concerning doctor to directly act upon the core problem of the patient.
  • Keep themselves available at all times as sometimes other nurses go on a vacation; many patients need to be looked after day and night and sometimes even weekends.

These duties of a CNA might seem a little cold but it comes with great benefits and a good pay roll. The most worthy benefit of being a CNA is the feeling of proud that comes when you help someone specially to those in needs which also serves as a motivator to continue with more intensity. Then this intensity helps in the development of your future career. It also come with a good salary and as CNAs are paid on hourly basis so working overtime would get you a load amount. But to have all this you also need a good skill set for the job. As nursing calls for helping people there are many unpleasant physical activities one might hesitate to do and the fact that you might have to work overtime against your will, so you should have a lot of patience to survive. You should also have an internal motivation to carry you smoothly towards your duties.

Requirements to Register for CNA

To get registered as a CNA the only thing you need to have is high school equivalence or any diploma in nursing or medical assistance, you should be 18 years old and it also requires having a valid state ID or SSN. Then all you have to do is apply for the certification exam and prepare for it. To register for CNA and pass the certification exam student must firstly register for CNA training program. As the requirement for training is different in all states so the student should have the knowledge of local regulations before getting enrolled.  While looking for courses for training it should be kept in mind that this training can last for at least 12 weeks depending upon the hours you train. Usually you need 75 hours of training in these 12 weeks which also involves training in a clinic or care centres. These training programs will help you a lot in preparing for your examination through skill training by working in different clinics and giving skilful lectures. It will provide you the clinical experience, skills at hand that you will need in nursing, the legal issues and the major role that you will play in nursing. 

Test preparation for CNA

register for CNA

To prepare for the examination you firstly need a high school diploma and a medical health certificate. You would then be examined for the medical test. There would be questionnaires and discussion with experts and you skills will be examined so you will need to know the basic functions to deal with a patient and the rights of the patients. Next you would need to practically prove that you understand the physical activities held in a functioning lab. For example how to diagnose, analyze and monitor a patient. After that you will be advised to get further training for the examination.

If you want a become a qualified CNA you should start your advance training at a certified institute for which Red Cross, whose training is spread across 36 states of US, is highly recommended. Another option is through community colleges. They provide high level nursing skills that can help you nurture your nursing abilities and develop you future career. After that we have nursing schools and homes to practically work out with other nurses and train you for better. Great training comes with great cost so you might want to thinks hard and find best possible option to receive your training as there are many institutes that offer financial aid to for your classes. The training can further take you to an advance level. Before you give your CNA exam, it provides the opportunity to start a professional job to gain personal experience.

After the training process is completed it is required to register for CNA and take the examination to receive potential credential. Even though this exam does not require any higher degree or experience but this essential training helps in getting knowledge and hand-on experience. As every states differs the requirement, some of the states also allow those who have completed their training to work till their exam.

Applying for CNA examination

Applying for CNA examination

When you apply for the examination for CNA, you should review the following questions that might be asked in the application form.

  • Have you ever surrendered your CNA license?
  • Have you ever had any disciplinary action against your CNA certificate or license?
  • Have you ever been convicted of any crime under the Federal laws of the US state?
  • Have you ever been convicted of any crime that took place in any health care centre?
  • Is your medical condition stable?
  • Do you use any kind of chemical substance like alcohol?
  • Have you ever been engaged in the illegal use of controlled substances?

These are some basic questions that occur while you apply for the test.  Along with that you should know the process of taking this exam. That is:

  • Prepare yourself before the exams while in school or college by taking different nursing training programs, practicing the test and studying guides. To have the focus knowledge, you should thoroughly review the questions asked in the exam.
  • Reach out for an instructor to guide you with the location and schedule of the test and where it is being taken. To keep the information real and fresh it is rescheduled.
  • After that you take the exam which is divided into two main parts: writing and practical part. Vote is that the practical part is mainly the core and difficult part than the writing one. However, in this portion students bring along someone to act as a patient as they practically demonstrate their skills. This demonstration requires performing basic CNA tasks like to diagnose, analyze and monitor a patient. To provide bath, maintain privacy and transfer a patient to the wheelchair.

The results are announced on the same day. The students who pass are allowed to start their work as a CNA immediately and for those who fail; states have frequent rescheduling of the exams.