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Easy Steps to Transfer your CNA License

Working in the same environment for a long time might get boring. So you may want to switch states to live in a different place and refresh your mind by working in a different setup. But the question is that how would you shift to another state without losing your CNA certification. Because it is necessary to have your certification along if you want to work in another state. Well above all you will not lose your CNA certification. You can easily transfer your CNA license to almost every state in US. You only need to keep in mind the requirement of the state you want to transfer.

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Transfer through Reciprocity

In order to transfer your CNA license you can apply through reciprocity. Most of the states, such as Texas, California, Ohio, Arizona, Tennessee, Nevada, Georgia, and NYC offer transfer through reciprocity.  Through reciprocity an already certified nursing assistant can easily transfer their CNA license to another state for employment purpose. If you fulfill the state requirement they will transfer your license with the equal status as earlier without the need of taking another state exam.

Not all the states offer transferring through reciprocity. In some cases you have to take the certification exam all over again and in order to do that you might as well be asked to take additional courses that are required by state to become a CNA there. It would be better if you contact the Nurse Aide Registry yourself to confirm all the necessary details about the courses and exam.

Steps to Transfer your CNA License

To transfer from one state to another you need to fulfill the state requirement. No in both the above cases, reciprocity or not, you have to provide the following documents.

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Driver’s license
  • Current CNA certificate
  • Current employment details
  • Degree of high school, GED or equivalent
  • Criminal background check

Below are the steps to transfer your CNA license for states that offer reciprocity and of those states where you have to give the exam again.

  1. Contact your current Nurse Aide Registry, tell them that you want to switch states and transfer your CNA license and then ask them for reciprocity form.
  2. Ask them to clarify that whether you should submit this form to them or mail I to the state directly as each state has its own preferences.
  3. Submit your form to your current Nurse Aide Registry or email the state directly if required. Remember to submit all the documents written above before you send it.
  4. When you move in to the state remember to visit the state Nurse Aide Registry and provide them with your current address and contact details and ask them for any other material they may need.
  5. For states that do not allow reciprocity, provide all the documents stated above to the state and get details of location, date and time of the exam that you have to attempt. Also inquire any additional course that you may have to take to fulfill the certification requirement.

When all these steps are followed and requirements are fulfilled, your transfer will be complete and you will be informed that you are now eligible to work in the state and you will have your CNA license, may be a new one for the particular state. Now you can start working here as soon as you want.

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