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5 effective ways to Gain More Money as a CNA

how much do cna make a year

During my research on the payroll of a certified Nursing Assistant, I came across a very shocking discussion that CNAs are paid less than their actual work. So I had to find out how much can average CNA make in a year and are there any effective ways to increase the salary. There I found a useful information about it and wrote this article so that those individuals who just got started or those who are already working can boost up their salaries.

Before I formally begin with this article, let me tell you that if are to become a CNA then love of money should be the least of your worries because that is not what drives one to become a CNA. Because if you wanted to just earn money you could’ve chosen another profession with good payment method, but now that you want to become a CNA you don’t have to worry about that either as I will tell you that how you can earn more as a CNA.

I have studied that most of you CNA lots are earning an average of $20,000 to $24,000 annually making an $8 to $11 hourly which is totally unfair as per the services you provide. With this kind of pay rate and the stressful job some individuals might also end up going back home giving up their nursing career. Don’t do that because you are really needed in this world where no one else cares but you. And to convince you I have gather some information that will definitely help you earn more money even if you just started your career. For starters, work more than your regular hour to earn extra, but obviously that is something you already know, right? Let’s start then.


It is understood that as a starter you will get low pay in your first job, but you can upgrade your skills by becoming a patient care technician (PCT) that will help you earn more money and will also add more value in the eyes of management. If you do that, you can work in further intensive care, operating room and emergency rooms in a surgical setting. This can prove very beneficial as you become an advanced CNA in a sense.

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Besides this PCT certification you can keep on working in any facility and gain more experience there. You should also accept work in different diverse cases and various settings like switching from nursing homes to a hospital. Experience will bring you much better opportunities to earn more salary. I know it does take some time to gain experience but as I said before money should be the least of your concern but if it still troubles you, just be patient, give it time and eventually you will succeed.


Salary of a CNA varies from state to state. Every state pays more or less than the other. If you have been working in the same state for some time you can move to another state, transfer your certification and start working there. This will also help you refresh your mind as you have been in a state for a long time and now you have moved to a new state with new sites to see and places to go. You can look select from the following highest paying states and transfer your certification there.

  • New York pays up to $16 hourly
  • Texas pays up to $15 hourly
  • California pays up to $14.70 hourly
  • Alaska pays up to $17 hourly
  • Utah pays up to $11 hourly

cna in Georgia

These are some of the top paying states beneficial for all CNAs. Some of the cities also pay a heavy amount of money, like in San Francisco. You can earn $20 hourly but remember to keep a lookout on the living expenses of such cities. They most cost you the amount that might leave you to the same point as in previous working place.

Work Setting

If you just got your CNA certification then you would’ve started your career from a nursing home, am I right? Maybe I am because nursing homes are the only health care centers that take newbie as there employee. Well anyways it is time that you leave nursing home. Try working in a new facility like a hospital or community care facility. Shifting to a new employer will upgrade your payroll. I bet it would be better than the nursing home you are working in. It doesn’t mean that I am criticizing them; it is true that every work setting is different from another. Some pay high and some low. I would suggest you to work in a hospital because it has more working departments like ICU and maternity care. So they will probably pay you more than any other care center. However, you can also look for places that will provide you the incentive of living within the health care center as long as you are working there. If you could find any of those, you can thank me afterwards.

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Change in Niche

Ever worked for the federal government? You know that the average salary that it offers to a CNA is $17? They are federal government is paying more than anyone and it also provides great incentives to their workers. You can also find jobs at health insurance companies, colleges and professional schools. they are paying an average salary starting from $14 to $17. In most of the government facilities you will find opportunities to move in with them. Which will also save you at least a quarter of your annual salary that you may use in buying apartment and additional food. They will also pay you more than any nursing home or hospital. Surprising isn’t it?

Travelling CNA

Travelling CNAs are always paid more than the regional based CNAs. Because they work on their own contracts. A travelling CNA can earn an average of $25,000 to $30,000 a year based on 40 hours of work in a week. Now that is really mind blowing. You can also join traveling agencies that hire CNA. The only differences in working as a travelling CNA and working in any hospital or nursing home is that you will be moving from place to place, even cities.


Now I have told you the ways to earn more as a CNA. I hope you will be surprised and happy. What I myself would strongly suggest is that you should become a travelling CNA. Through this you can explore different new places, refresh your mind and earn more along the way. Now you have read all this, get up and go. Work your way to get the best job possible.

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