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Estimate Time to Become a CNA

certified nursing assistantCNA is a certification for nurses to officially start their career as a nurse. A nursing assistant job is to take care of its patients and perform daily duties, such as bathing, grooming and feeding. It does all this work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). The description of a CNA is reflected by the duties that a CNA performs. They usually work in local hospitals, care centers, nursing homes and even personal homes. Nursing assistant interacts with their patient daily making their bond even stronger. They play an important role in the recovery of a patient’s health.

Now some people might be wondering that what is needed to become a CNA and another important question frequently asked is that how much time it will take to complete the certification. Well the answer is simple. To register for your certification all you need is a high school diploma or a GED. Then you can register yourself and start your training classes. In the end, just give the examination. And unlike any other healthcare occupation that requires formal education, CNA only requires certification. So the time period to become a CNA is surprisingly short.

How long does it take to become a CNA


how long does it take to become a cnaYou should know that the following three steps are required to become a CNA. Register for certification exam, get training and finally give the exam. And the time limit to become one is just 6-12 weeks or maybe 6 months. Basically to become a CNA first you have to complete your state approved training and then you have to pass your certification exam. The time period taken in CNA training is basically the overall time to become a CNA. The duration of these training classes differs from state to state and in any institute it will take as long as just 6 maximum months to complete you training if you go for in depth studies. But for a standard 3 credit hour course it just takes 3-12 weeks to do it. Keep in mind that there is no major difference these long and short term training classes.

 As said before, every state has its own requirement for certification as well as period of training. But typically, in all states, a minimum of 75 hours up to 180 hours of training is required to further give your exam. Considering the state you live in, you have to make sure that your state or the institute from where you get your training is providing amount of hours that are necessary. Furthermore, these training hours are divided into two main parts; text knowledge and lecture which fulfill the theory part of your exam and the other part contains clinical training and practice to prepare for the practical part of your exam.

The type of program that you have selected and your status that may be as a full time or half time, will basically decide the length of course you are in. It may take as less as 3 weeks or it might take as long as 6 months to complete your training. In a normal training program, it starts with two weeks of text knowledge and 1 month of clinical training.  In a 180 hour of training it is necessary to complete up to 70 hours of training class and 110 hours of clinical training.

So when finally you have completed your training according to the time required by the training state you can now give your certification exam and become a certified nursing assistant in no time.

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