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Free CNA Classes in Nursing Homes

Choosing to be a certified nursing assistant is a wise decision if you love to help people and want to serve your life to serve the humanity. It would project a very good impact on your career as well. You will find many opportunities in this field in hospitals, nursing homes and medical institutes. But if you want to start your career in a skilled nursing facility, nursing homes or assisted living facility in particular, mostly you may have to work in a certain nursing facility once you have been awarded with your CNA certification in order to receive free training classes.free cna classes in nursing homes

As the demand of nursing assistant is growing continually, there is a growing shortage of nurses as well. Due to this most of the licensed institutes as well as nursing homes now offer paid as well as free training classes to the students who are suffering from financial crisis. The nursing homes that offer these kinds of programs are beneficial for both employer and the employee. The employer gets a guarantee employee to work for the facility at the given time. And the employee enjoys the satisfaction of getting free classes along with a future career to start with. So basically training through nursing homes can prove to be a valuable and smart choice in terms of both training and career.

Free Training through Nursing Homes
Free CNA Training

If you want to receive your free training through nursing homes then you should know that certain nursing facilities will ask you to sign an agreement. This agreement states that you will work for them until a given a period of time. This is; once you have got your certification. Sometimes it may happen that you are not able to continue with your training or you couldn’t pass your state certification. In this case you will have to repay the cost of your training provided by the nursing home. But it is the least of your problems if you are truly interested and motivated towards your career. A whole lot of stress is even worked out by the fact that you have a job waiting for you as soon as you get your certification. Many employers will also offer to pay for your education; such employer is likely to provide you with more great opportunities to help you learn new skills, perform new duties, earn more money and occupy new responsibilities.

Nursing Homes Training

cna nursing home

The nursing homes that will provide you with free training will authorize some local institute or training organization to give you training classes. The basic structure of these courses is just like attending a college class. Before signing any agreement you must check the entire training program and schedule of classes. You can help yourself by taking a tour of the campus; ask from other students that are already there and those who have completed their training and you can also search the information through internet using reliable resources. Once you are satisfied with that certain program and schedule, you can sign the agreement on your employer. The agreement will document your duties and responsibilities towards them and the starting and ending time of training as well your employment.

States that offer free training in Nursing Homes

Almost all the nursing homes, in different states even, which provide free training, have the same requirement of agreement. They following information may, at any time be inaccurate because the nursing homes keep on changing their policies. Here are some of the states that provide free training through nursing homes.

  • Home Supportive Care Service of California
  • Elder wood Senior Care of New York
  • St Patrick’s Manors of Massachusetts
  • Highland Home of Mississippi
  • Pinewood Manor & Pinewood Retirement Villa of Georgia
  • Almeda Oaks Nursing Center of Texas


Training in a nursing home is can be very valuable in many ways. It has a positive effect on both the employee and the employer. Here are some advantages that will inspire you as a student/employee.benefits of cna

  • In many nursing homes you will be provided with quality of well formed education. The basic structure of these courses is just like attending a college class. These nursing homes will also provide specific hours of training. It can prove to be very valuable if you apply your course knowledge in that training.
  • Along with training, most of the nursing homes might as well allow you to work for them without certification and they will even pay you for your hours of work.
  • After you have completed you state certification, you are asked to work for particular nursing home for a certain time. The time you start working in such nursing home, you can expect increased the working hours and pay per hour. This agreement is guaranteed to the student according to the policies of the nursing homes.

As an employer, many nursing homes have aged people as most of their patient. Thus these people require more help and only a qualified nursing assistant can perform such tough duties. As there is a shortage of qualified CAN staff, nursing homes that provide such classes have various benefits for them as an employer..

  • As the nursing homes train their students, producing qualified CAN is their responsibility. These well trained CNAs will be able to provide better care for the nursing home residents in future.
  • When it comes to on job training’s, nursing homes are able to guide the students to become a CNA according to their requirement. It helps the student to understand how better they can take care of the residents that are living in this particular nursing facility.

In most cases, when there is a shortage of CNAs, nursing home with vacancies offers the jobs to their trainees. If you want to continue your education and do your specialization, nursing homes can also provide you free training for your future career also. You can learn advance skills through these courses that will help you in the area of your specialization. You can get experience required by your new employee by completing medical program. Therefore, choosing nursing homes to get training classes can prove very helpful.

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