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Why to Get Registered in the Texas Nurse Aide Agency

Are you looking for a career in the health care industry? Do you want to be an assistant nurse? Then get yourself registered in the Texas nurse aide registry and have a thriving career as a CNA nurse.

What Does CNA Stand For?

CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant. A CNA’s job is to provide the patients with the best health care facilities possible. A CNA has to look after the patients by fulfill various responsibilities simultaneously. A CNA has to perform really basic duties. Such as feeding and bathing the patient to assisting the nurses. Also assist with doctors in different medical procedures. A CNA has to make sure that the patients feel dignified whenThey are being look after even if they soil the sheets or need assistance in going to the toilet.

How Long Does it Take to Be a CNA

Texas Nurse Aide Agency

How long it takes to become a CNA depends upon how studious and hardworking you are. The basic requirement of becoming a CNA is to have a high school diploma or a GED or any other equivalent qualification. Once you have got your diploma, you can get enrolled into a certification program on campus or even online.

The CNA training is offered by different nursing schools. Even technical colleges offer this certification as well. Red Cross is another reliable option to consider as they provide with the best CNA training to the prospective nursing assistants. However, whichever institute you decide to enroll into, make sure that it is a reliable one with a good value of the degree.

Since your aim is to get into the Texas CNA registry, make sure that the courses offered by the program are acceptable by the state of Texas as well.

It will take you 3 to 8 weeks to complete the program and get your certification.

Topics Covered by the CNA Classes

There are different topics which are focused upon during the certification course. This may include, but are not limited.

  • The roles and responsibilities of an assistant nurse
  • Rights of the patients
  • Familiarity with the medical terms
  • Familiarity with the medical issues
  • How to properly handle different medical equipment
  • Infection control
  • How to do CPR
  • Handling different emergencies
  • Checking of the vital signs
  • Taking blood samples
  • communicate with patients
  • Document the data
  • How to help the patients in performing their basic needs
  • How to keep the patient’s room neat and tidy

Eligibility for Texas Nurse Aide Registry

Texas Nurse Aide Agency

Once you are done with your CNA certification, you can register into the Texas CNA registry. Here is the eligibility criterion for that:

  • You have to be a retrained or a new nurse
  • In case you are a trained CAN, yet your license has expired, you can still enroll into the registry by renewing the license
  • If you have done 100 or more hours of nursing training in the military, you can get registered in the Texas nurse aide registry as well.
  • You are a nursing student and have completed the basic training within last 24 months, you are also eligible to get registered as a CNA.
  • If you have done your training from another state, you can still get registered in Texas through a simple process, by contacting the concerned registration authorities.
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