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Important tips to prepare with CNA Practice exam

cna practice exam

Certified Nursing Assistant is a profession that is growing rapidly, higher than any other operation. There is always a need of nursing assistant in the medical field and if you are interested in becoming a CNA all you have to do is take training programs, prepare yourself with practice tests and then finally give the CNA certification exam. To become a CNA is a great accomplishment and to work as one would be great pride for those whose aim of life is to serve humanity and take care of people who need help.

CNA practice exam

Although every state has its own requirements for certification exam, most of them have common standards and same exams. National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) is the set of standard commonly used over 20 states, which include Georgia, California, Virginia, Colorado and Washington. States, including Arizona, Oregon and Ohio use the Diversified Technologies. The Prometric program is used by New York, Florida and Michigan. Overall, all these states include similar topics despite the difference in exams. The basics that you need to know about include communication skill, safety precautions, patient’s/resident’s right, basic nursing skills, working with equipments and roles and responsibilities.

Practice Exam

The certification exam consists of two parts. The first part consists of written multiple choice questions and the second one consists of practical exam in which you demonstrate your skills. Now to prepare for this exam you can take different training programs that will teach you the knowledge and prepare you for your practical phase.Practice CNA Exam

To better prepare for your certification exam you can perform practice test, conduct group interviews and practice your skills in a group to satisfy yourself that you can with no doubt pass the examination. Take more and more sample test questions to be well prepared. These practice tests will provide you a glimpse of what the real test could be like. You will get to know your weaknesses and get much needed experience. Along with that, practice your skills by demonstrating them with among your family members and relatives. This will help you gain working experience towards your practical part of exam.

Important Tips and Advice

When searching for practice test papers do check whether the practice test is authentic or not. There are many cases in which unqualified groups are making fake tests and making money. These practice tests use the same standard as NNAAP standards. It helps you indicate that whether you are prepared for your official CNA exam or not. Most of these test questions test your insight and understanding.  If you don’t pass you practice test, keep trying until you get the hang of it. Keep a strong grip on your weak areas or it can become a problem in the future. You should have you roles and responsibilities in mind and heart because passing the exam only is not important, you should be capable of starting a good career.

 As we know that the certification exam is divided into two parts written and practical. Here are some sample questions gathered from written part of the exam that can serve you as a practice test.

Responsibilities of nursing assistants does not include:

  1. Helping patient to bath.
  2. Administering a medication.
  3. Applying an icepack as ordered.
  4. Keeping a patients room clean.cna nurse

 The best way for a nursing assistant to prevent infection:

  1. Wearing gloves when in contact with body fluids.
  2. Use standard precautions when caring for patients.
  3. Frequent hand washing.
  4. Apply an antiseptic on hand before and after caring for patients.cna nurse hand washing

 What are the symptoms of fecal impaction

  1. Dark urine.
  2. Abdominal pain.
  3. Excessive flatulence.
  4. Small watery leakage of stool.

For the practical part you have to demonstrate your skills commonly used by CNAs. You are scored on the basis of your performance and your communication skills. So you should practice these skills before you give your exam. Some of the most commonly used skills that can prove helpful are:

  • Personal Care:  Major part of a CNA’s job is to groom and feed the patient. It is important to master this skill because it will be tested.
  • Usage of Equipment’s: You should know the usage of different medical tools like stethoscope and other restorative devices used for mobility aides, such as prostheses and walkers.
  • Mental Health Needs: You should know how to interact with patients who are suffering from dementia or any other high level disease.
  • Basic Nursing Skills:Keeping yourself and the patient clean. And maintain the environment of the room.Patient Personal Care

You might not find some of these abilities to be applied fully but still you need to test them to smoothly attempt you certification test. While giving the test try to follow these patterns.

  • Talk loudly: Talk loudly when speaking to a patient at the time of exam. It will help you flow smoothly and the proctor would know what you are doing and with what order.
  • Take Time: When you give your practical try not to do anything quickly because you will probably freak out and might make a mistake in the process. If you feel like you are suffocating, take your time to relax and catch your breath. Proctor will not use it against you and will raise your overall performance.

cna exam tips

You can also test your skills by keeping flash cards of each skill. Along with a friend or in a group, you can ask to randomly select a card and test that skill collectively.

The certification exam comes with different variations of questions. Try getting those practice test which follow NNAAP standard. We hope that you got all the useful information from our website. There are also other sources to practice your certification exam. And if you need more information about nursing assistant please feel free to keep reading other articles.

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