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3 Easy Tips to make an Impressive Resume for CNA


If you have applied for your job as a certified nursing assistant and haven’t got any calls yet, that is because your resume did not stand out from the crowd to be noticed. Even after applying both online and in person your resume is not getting the required attention. May be because your resume is not reflecting all your hard work.

As the demand of a CNA is growing daily so is the amount of resume that is being dropped daily. So for your resume to stand out in this heavy crowd you need to make sure that your resume reflects the best of you.

Basically a resume is like marketing for a product (you) for someone to buy (hire). So if your resume merely contains dry contents of your skills or a list of past employers then it might be a big problem slowing you down to get your interview. Mostly people get sample resume templates to copy and just paste what is required but they lack the professionalism that an employer seeks and your personal touch and significance.

To write any resume understanding the mindset of employer HR or anyone who reads it is really important. First of all you should know that the employer is facing employment problem and he needs a solution so your resume should clearly show that you are the only best solution they can have, Secondly, due to the heavy load of resumes’ that are already have on their seats has made them much more busy and they would prefer throwing away any resume that provides more than enough information. So any resume big or small will be in their hands for not more than 20 seconds. Your resume should provide only the required material that would impress them in a hurry. So you should probably start learning about how to customize your resume so it would stay with the reader and get you a phone call.

The good news is that here you can get the best 3 tips to build a resume that will help you get to the top of the shortlist.


 First of all keep this in mind; avoid using sample templates, they are easy and viral. Make a resume that is unique in every way because if it looks like the rest of them, the recruiter will just pass it away. Take your time, be specific and create a unique and creative resume that reflects your personality and professionalism. Select information that matches the core requirements of the job. If the job you want is for salesman, add your experience or knowledge of salesmanship and marketing skills. Build a great resume, not just a good one because throwing a general template with same old custom names and job duties would make a bad impression of you showing a non-interested attitude and that is not what the employer wants.

Resume for CNA

Researching and Using Keywords

Now a day most of the organizations prefer online resume. As you do so, your resume is stored into an online database. Then the recruiters use keywords to pull out the ones that fit the core job description. If your resume does not contain those keywords, you’re out unseen.

To avoid anything such, research job applicable keywords by pulling at least 15 – 20 job opening positions. Look at the all the job descriptions and select repeated words. (i.e for CNA you may get words like bathing, vital signs, grooming, etc). Make a list of them. Use them in your resume to get the best attention.

Profile or Career Summary

As I told you before, your cna resume should be time efficient to get reviewed in such a busy crowd of resumes’. Your resume should deliver a quick message in an efficient manner. You can do this by creating your career summary. This summary acts as your cover page for your resume. This will most likely be the first thing to read for the recruiter. Keep it simple, define your best traits and experience and keep it up to 3 – 4 best sentences.

Now if you follow these tips correctly and build your resume keeping in mind all the aspects. You will definitely get an interview call soon enough. Remember; always keep your resume up to the point, simple but unique to grab the attention.

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