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9 Motivating Benefits of CNA

9 Motivating Benefits of CNA

benefits of cna

A certified nursing assistant or CNA plays a very important role in health caring services. Their CNA job is to take care of patients, help them emotionally and physically while they recover from their disease, take care of their personal hygiene and keep their surroundings clean and tidy. These patients include children as well as elderly people living their last. Although many people do not make this as their profession because this job highly requires patience as well as tolerance, but their demand is increasing day by day. It has come to my view that only people with warm heart and people who care for humanity and whose sole purpose is to serve humanity take CNA as their profession. And now it is understood that these people are of special kind to become one.

As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand of CNA is to increase as much as 20% by 2020. This growth average is higher than of any other profession. It is also clear that along with increase in demand of CNA their salary will also grow to great limits. This news itself is of greater benefit and it will make it much better an option to become a CNA when I tell you that to get this certification you do not need any post-secondary degree. All you need to do is get yourself registered for the certification exam, prepare for that exam by selecting a training program (online/offline), and finally pass that exam.


So if you already know the pros and cons of this certification. Let me tell you some really great  CNA benefits that will motivate you towards this career and help you in your decision-making process. Some of the benefits, including salary, vary by state, but that should be the least of your concern if you want to merely serve the humanity. Other benefits that reason to become a CNA include:

1.Making a Difference

When working as a CNA you will have direct interaction with the patient and their families. Doing so, you will have a great advantage to show your best effort in taking care of that patient. You can make a great difference in the lives of other people by showing that anyone may need help and assistant in any time of their life, you just have to be there when they need you.

cna certification online Specialization

After becoming a CNA you will be interacting with the healthcare world and become familiar with it. This is when you can decide to serve humanity on a much larger scale. You can make your way through higher studies and become a Registered Nurse (RN) or you may specialize in any other healthcare field like a surgeon or doctor. So basically being a CNA would put you to a good start.


3.Job Stability

As CNA is one of the most demanding jobs in the healthcare world and healthcare industry itself is expected to grow, it will be a great benefit to keep job stability. Because as the demand is increasing, the payroll given to a nursing assistant will also grow, so this job stability will earn a lot of cash and due to being stuck with the same job you would gain more experience in the particular field. 

certified nursing assistant

4.Job Variety and Experience

If you want to study more for your specialization in other healthcare fields, being a CNA will help you get the most of the experience as you will interact with variety of patients. You can get wide experience being a CNA as you get to work in various other medical sectors from retirement community centers to private hospitals. Also when working in a same sector you will gets variety of small tasks dealing with different unique circumstances and patients. As CNA is demanded almost everywhere it will help you get the best experience in the field. You can also switch careers to an entirely different profession. As your job as a CNA acquires physical and emotional perspective, any other profession or job having similar demands would be suitable.

Job Variety and Experience

5.Job Flexibility and Security

Job of a CNA requires flexibility. You may have to shift to different places, work in place of other nurses at holidays and even work extra hours, but this will help you gain more cash as CNAs are paid in hourly basis. So the more hours you work, the more you earn. And regardless of the change in economy, you need not fear that you will lose your job. Even though your salary might get affected but your job will be perfectly secure.

CNA job flexibility

6.Emotional Satisfaction

CNAs are the only one who has the closest interaction with their patients. It helps in creating a very close and better relationship with their patients. Many nursing assistants take care of elderly people living the rest of their lives, they need emotional support which a CNA can provide much better. Giving them emotional support will actually make you feel satisfied that you are helping someone out in their life last ride. Making them happy will actually make you feel happy.

Emotional Satisfaction

7.Network Connections

When you are working in any healthcare center, you will also be developing relationship with qualified nurses working there. This relationship will be of high value for your later on career. They can serve you as a mentor and help you along with gaining access to other different nursing programs mainly those programs that are accelerating with progress. The experience you get from these nurses will also help you get accepted for these programs. 

Network Connections


Being a CNA you will be making a difference in other people lives through your act of kindness. Many people will appreciate that and would be very grateful to you. You can expect many gifts like cards, chocolates and other thanksgiving items. Apart from that when you apply the same deeds in your own personal life and provide help to your own loved ones you will feel professional as well as personal pride that you have well earned.

9.Salary and Bonuses

As said before; you need certification rather than a specific degree to become a CNA. Even though most of the people who become one do not really do it for money as they are highly motivated towards helping people. But let me tell you that this job has a good salary package as well as bonuses. CNAs are paid hourly and you can earn up to $10-$15 hourly making up to $24,000 annually which is a very big deal regardless of the working extra hours. Along with that you also get bonuses in the form of health insurance, life insurance and much more. And if you are working as a travelling CNA then you can also get travelling perks and your travelling would as well be a part of bonus.

salaries and bonuses for cna

When making a decision about which field to work in, being a CNA would help you out in testing all other concerning fields. This will help not only in gaining experience but will also be beneficial in applying for higher degree in case you need to study more.



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