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Patient Care Assistant PCA Nurse Job Description

Patient Care Assistant (PCA) also known as Caregivers are responsible for taking good care of a mentally or physically disabled, injured or elderly people, personally. They assist the patients to carry out their normal tasks like hygiene, therapy exercise, bathing, dressing, feeding, changing linens, transportation etc. What is PCA? A PCA nurse works under the direction of professional nurses, and do not require medical knowledge on large scale. Patient Care Assistants work in old age homes, nursing homes, patients’ homes and hospitals to provide comfort and ease to their patients during their hard time. Patient care assistants work like a bridge between medical staff and patients. They convey patients’ massage to doctors and vice versa. Assistants may have different jobs, depending on the needs of a patient.

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Become a Patient Care Assistant 

For a person to become a Patient Care Assistant it is mandatory to have

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Basic formal education
  • Good communication skills
  • Courteous behavior
  • Willing positive attitude towards work
  • Physical endurance
  • Driving license
  • Basic housekeeping training

Patient Care Assistants are personal caregivers and have basic medical knowledge. They can check the blood pressure, sugar level, and temperature of the patients. Also assist medical staff in monitoring the vital signs of the patient and maintaining the record. They are responsible for almost everything during their stay with patients. They also need to manage the time efficiently for the patient to complete each task on time. Tasks are like going for an appointment, taking medicine on time, brushing the teeth etc. making sure the patients are getting everything on time. Patient Care Assistants must have good communication skills as they spend more time with patients, they are a great way to make their families and the doctors aware of patient’s current situation. It is very important that Assistants must have a calm and courteous behavior towards patients and their families, to counter the patients’ problems effectively. During a patient’s recovery time while taking care of a patient, generates a friendly and emotional bond between the patient and the nurse, which is a good gesture towards fast recovery and betterment of a patient. It is one of most important PCA jobs to make the patient mentally satisfied by the treatment given by the medical staff and nurses. While taking care of a patient it is a nursing job to keep the personal routine of a patient in mind.

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It is also mandatory for a PCA job that the assistant is mentally and physically healthy. Because sometimes it might require to lift and move the patient from a place to another.  Pca nurse must be well motivated and willing to do the job. As it is a tough nurse job catering the patients and working for late hours. Assistants must have to be ready all the time to work in all kind of situations. Nursing Assistants must have a positive encouraging attitude towards what matters

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