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Privacy Policy CNA


Here at Cnacareersmart.com, our first prior importance is the privacy of our viewers. This report guides how we well again protect your privacy and outlines the information of how we collect and share information and how it is used. We respect you privacy and we request to take some time and read this policy to better understand our services.

Third party services and DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google acts as a third party service provider and it provides advertisement on our site using cookies. Google provides these adverts to the viewers based upon the content of our website and different other websites throughout the internet by using DART cookie. If you want to get rid of this DART cookie you can visit Google ad and content network privacy policy at this website http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html.

Our cookies are also used by different other third party service providers or ad vendors to measure and personalize the advertisement you see at our website. You can consult the concerning third party privacy policy statement as we do not have any hold over these cookies.

Collection of Information

When you visit our website Cnacareersmart.com, we directly collect some of your basic personal information like your contact information, IP address and your profile information. We may also acquire your demographic information. The collection of this information is merely to keep in track of user trends and to provide you an enhanced experience when you visit our website. You always have the right to claim and change your privacy as you prefer best.

Sharing of Information

We may share you profile information with third party vendors so that they can also enhance their services towards you. However this information is also protected by the concerning third party privacy policy. You can also control this information from sharing if you prefer. We may also use your information in our service department to provide you of any associated product you require.  We might also disclose information where there is legally required.

Log Files

Cnacareersmart.com, like all other websites uses log file to collect and store particular information. These log files include certain important data like IP address, Internet Service provider, numbers of clicks to keep track of user trend, different website administration, browsers, reference pages, date and time access, movement of user throughout the website and demographic information. However these IP addresses are nor personally identifiable.