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5 Top personal qualities that will help you thrive as a CNA

If you have jumped to this article, then there are two possible reasons for you to do that. One can be that you are already working as a CNA and you are having a tough time handling your cna responsibilities. The second one could be that your are about to get started as a CNA and you would like to know how to survive in real life as a CNA. Well then you have stepped to the right place. Here you can get the information on how you can thrive and survive as a CNA.

You might already know that working as a CNA is not a child play. You have to have that motivation along with some quality skills to help you out as a CNA. Some of the basic skills involved are decision making skills, listening skills, communication skills, work ethics and the ability to maintain interpersonal relationships. But even to accomplish these CNA skills you need to have some personal traits of yourself that will help you complete certain tasks with confidence and perfection. As CNA duties can be a little depressing and sometimes stressful, these personal traits will help to accomplish those duties without any difficulty and grow steadily in future career.

Top 5 Personal Qualities

It is obvious and understood that the main reason or you can say the main quality which made you decide that you want to become a nursing assistant is caring; caring for humanity. It is the core reason that would let anyone want to become a CNA because that is what thrives one to be a nurse and help out those in need.

Now that you are a CNA and you want to prosper in your career, here are the top 5 personal traits that will help you out.

1.Physical Ability

When working as a CNA you will need to move patients for one place to another for many reasons, like to walk the patient for physical treatment, change beds and much more. In order to do that a CNA should be physically strong enough to handle the patients with care and move them easily. Not every patient you get would be of the same weight. Some might be much heavier than you so you would need the strength to pick them and give them proper support so they don’t fall dragging you along.

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2.Listening and Communication Skills

Listening and communicating are one of the most important traits that a CNA should have. In order to provide the desired care to the patient you should carefully listen to what the patient wants to say so that you can provide exactly what they need. You also have to communicate with the patient when providing care of any kind. Like if you are giving the patient a perineal care you need to explain the whole process so that the patient will know exactly what you are doing and will not hesitate or have any questions for you to provide the care. You should communicate each word separately and clearly and speak a little loud at all times so that the patient understands each and every word and does not gets embarrassed for any untold action.


3.Flexibility and Accountability

As a nursing assistant you have to work in different places. Accordingly you can be assigned to another patient or may be another location. Every patient is different in one way or another according to the region where they live. So you must have flexibility in order to adapt the change in environment. You have to take care of the patient with different factors and diseases. You are accountable for your patient and for the duties you perform in your entire shift. If you have any problem adapting the situation or any other concerns related to patient or your work. You have to discuss it privately with your supervisor rather than asking another assistant.

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Empathy is a quality that cannot be learnt from education, it comes from within. It requires understanding your patient needs and wants. And to truly understand that you need to put yourself in shoes of the patient. Because there are times when a CNA is assigned to elderly, disabled patient or patients. These patients are struggling their way to recover. These patient don’t really talk much. They need your emotional support so you should feel what they feel without them telling you the concern.

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5.Team Work

There are times when a patient care needs help of more than one nurse. At that time you might need to work with another assistant to protect yourself. The patient from any possible injuries that might occur if you perform the task individually. Also when you ask for help you might be summoned as well by someone to help them out. Your assistance with enthusiasm and can-do attitude. This will decide that if you are capable of working with a team or not.

Job Variety and Experience

Apart from all these qualities you should be able to follow the chain of command. Consult your supervisor for any help you need regarding issues related to work conflict or disagreement. But in doing all that the main concern should be the welfare and well being of the patient.

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