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4 Tips to Nail your CNA Job Interview

Well it seems like you have completed you CNA certification and I guess you have also applied for your job as well by now? Congrats. Now there is nothing that can stop you from getting your first job as a CNA but the job interview and I’m guessing that you are not very well prepared and need information, right? Well don’t you worry because I have something that I believe can help you top your interview session.

You obviously know that sending a resume and a cover letter was just the beginning and the easiest step towards you career. The main part is to impress the employer and convince him that you’re the only one perfect for this job at his/her organization and an individual that know all of his stuff will have no problem doing that. But for those who are not prepared for any reason, just follow these 4 tips to ace your first ever job interview as a CNA.

1. Dress Code

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First impression is the last impression. Always remember one thing that no matter what the job is about and what the organization is you always need to dress up formally. Never wear a jeans or a t-shirt to your interview. You have to look professional without being too distracting so keep simple and real. Make sure your clothes are neat and tidy and wrinkle free, get yourself a haircut, trim your nail and keep them clean and wear shoes that match your personality, just try not to wear anything to show off. If you want to wear jewelry, try t keep it simple. A watch and a necklace would be enough to cover it all up. Too much jewelry could be distracting and believe me you wouldn’t want that.

2.Having Interview

Before the interview remember to bring along your required documents which include folder containing all your papers, such as copies of your resume and cover letter, state approved CNA certification, CPR card, recommendation letter if any and most importantly never forget your pride. After that when the interview starts you must act professional; keep an eye contact, positive attitude and decent personality and stay confident at all times because confidence is the main key to success and you are confident when you know you are prepared for everything that may be thrown at you. When it comes to work ethics, prove yourself reliable by being able to demonstrate any skill if it is asked in the interview.

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3.Interview Questions

Like every job interview would have questions, CNA interview will also consist of relevant questions that you will have to answer. Now this is the difficult part on which you have to work a little bit. You should have quality knowledge to answer the questions that they ask so this will be difficult. Interview questions can be challenging but somehow they are easy to handle. This part of interview is the most important. You have to provide straight forward answers and keep it simple and to the point. Here are some commonly asked questions that you should be prepared for.

  • Would you like to work alone or as a team?
  • Can you work in evenings and weekend?
  • How well do you handle stress?
  • Why did you choose to become a CNA?
  • Do you have any past job experience, where, when and why did you leave?
  • Would you like to learn more new skills?
  • Here is a scenario, try to solve it?
  • How would you deal difficult patients?
  • What is your strength and weakness?
  • How much do you desired to be paid?
  • Where do you see yourself in the future 5-10 years?

Ask Questions                    

Asking relevant question from an employer is also very important. Instead of showing that how much talented you are and how you would be perfect for the job, ask questions to show that you are actually interested. As they have already done their part, they will give you a chance to talk, so it is time for to you ask questions to clear all your confusions and queries in mind. Here are some questions that you may ask.

  • How long is the probation period?
  • How long is orientation?
  • Are there any possibilities of growth and advancement?
  • How many patients and staff members are there?
  • What is the contribution of CNA in this facility?
  • Are the patients here satisfied?
  • Can I look around?

Apart for all these questions you can also share motivational stories illustrating your helping desire. And always remember to be on time. It also counts as the first impression on the work place. Stay focused at the task in hand and don’t get too much nervous.

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