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3 Best Ways to Prepare for CNA Final exam

3 Best Ways to Prepare for CNA test

If you want to become a CAN you must at first register for nurse aide certification test. Then take and complete a state approved training program and then give the certification test. The requirement for registry is different in all states but they are mostly the same. Different cna practice exam and training programs can be found in nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare center and personal homes.

CNA Certification Test

The CNA test consists of two main parts, namely written and practical. The written part consists of multiple choice questions and the practical part consists of practical demonstration of skills and knowledge. To prepare for this certification exam you to work yourself with the state approved training programs. And to prepare yourself much better you can follow the below easy ways to practice for your nurse aide test.

1. Take CNA practice exam :

cna practice exam

When you take you training classes you are basically learning the theoretical aspect of CNA. You can practice for your CNA test by taking free cna practice test that are available online. These practice test paper consist sample questions that are almost as same as the official exam paper. These test papers use the same standard as NNAAP standards. They consist of cna test questions that will test your insight and understanding. This sample test will help you prepare for your written part of your official certification exam. Always check that the cna practice exam test you take is authentic because there are many cases in which unqualified groups are providing fake tests and earning money.  After you perform this practice test you should check the following:

  • Your Total Score
  • Your Category Score
  • Recommendations on How to Improve

If your result is not satisfying, you should keep trying until you get the hang of it. You can get a strong grip on your weak theories. This way you can revise your course and perform these practice tests again. Keep doing this until you gain the best result.

2. Practice Skills

cna training and practice skills

To prepare for your practical part of your certification test you can practice your skills by taking training classes that also provide clinical training for your certification. The basic skills taught are changing bedpans, taking vital signs, changing bed sheets and helping them move from one place to another. You can also practice these clinical skills at home by utilizing your family, neighbors or friends making them your patient. If you have anyone in the neighborhood that needs some minor healthcare, you can also test your skills with them. You can do that by asking them to act like real patients and practice your skills until you do them right. Perform those skills exactly the way you have been trained in your clinical classes.

3. Find a Study Buddy

cna nurse practices test

To prepare for your certification with more intensity you can always get a friend that is also preparing for his certification exam. Studying with a partner is always useful as you can work together, solve each other’s problem. You can practice your sample test and ask for suggestions for queries. You can efficiently prepare your sample test if you have a helping friend to guide you with it. You can also practice your skills with each other by taking turns. At your turn your friend can pretend to be a patient and you can test your clinical skills on him. If at some place you might do anything wrong, your friend can guide you the proper steps to perform the skill properly.

You can always take professional help where you do not understand any concepts or ask any individual who has already given the test or those who are working as a CNA, can best guide you with their fresh experience. If you follow these instructions, you can get a guarantee yourself a perfect score in your certification exam.

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